About Us

Mama Bear Family PortraitMama Bear Sweet Treats started in 2021 as a simple fundraiser to support Knox Pride, our local LGBTQIA+ center in Knoxville, TN. Since then, we have been taken in and accepted by this beautiful community and have made more new friends and “family” than we can count.

Once our new friends started tasting our cookies, something magical happened. South Press Coffee took notice and began carrying our treats, giving us a home and a place to share our sweet creations with the world. Since then, we have begun selling in multiple local stores and coffee shops with more on the way. What started as a small gesture blossomed into something beyond our wildest dreams.

In 2023, Mama Bear took a giant leap forward by acquiring our adorable pink tailer, nicknamed Dolly the Cookie Trolley, and just like that our dream had wheels. The journey to spread love and sweetness hit the road and we started selling our cookies at local markets and festivals around Knoxville.

Through it all, Mama Bear Sweet Treats has remained true to its roots. Our steadfast mission has always been to stand as a guiding light of hope and inspiration for the LGBTQIA+ community and anyone who believes that love will ultimately triumph over hate. We would be honored for you to join us on this adventure as we share the love that we have been shown with everyone we encounter. Oh, and our cookies are pretty damn tasty too.

Spread Joy. Eat Cookies.